Lab Refrigerator
Provides a wide range of laboratory refrigerators, freezers and combination of both for an ideal preservation of tissues, vaccines, medicines and reagents. Robust & Versatile:
1.Wide range of capacities from 130 to 1500 liters
2.Single (+4°C(TN), -20°C(BT) o -30°C(LT)) or dual temperature (+4°C /-20°C) models
3.High stability and uniformity of the internal temperature
4.Fast temperature recovery after door opening
5.Forced air circulation
6. Stainless steel internal chamber
7.Safety key locks
8.Tropicalized execution (up to 40°C)
9.Internal lighting
10.Removable shelves or drawers
11.Low energy consumption
12.Drawers for Mother Milk (accessory)